Why You Should Always Be Giving Employees Feedback

Providing employee feedback is vital to improving work performance. Setting clear expectations and letting employees know whether they’re meeting them helps employees achieve company goals. Here are five reasons you should be giving employees feedback.

  • Improve Performance

When employees understand what objectives they’re trying to reach, which actions benefit the company and which have an adverse impact, they have a clearer idea of the best way to complete their work. When employees see how their efforts contribute to reaching company goals, they feel more invested in moving the organization forward.

  • Increase Motivation

Motivated employees perform better because they know they’re highly valued and respected members of your team. Also, because motivated employees know their contributions are appreciated, they’re more inclined to share their ideas for helping your company grow. Motivated employees remain more engaged in their tasks and loyal to your company longer.

  • Continue Professional Development

Providing employee feedback encourages ongoing professional development. When your employees continually invest their time in learning opportunities, they add to their skill sets and become even more valuable assets to your company. As your employees gain additional knowledge and experience through learning and feedback, they move up to increased leadership roles and further participate in strategic planning. Your employees continue developing and improving products, services, relationships and more so your company continues expanding. You gain a competitive advantage by remaining a leader in your industry.

  • Encourage Innovation

In order for your company to thrive, it needs to evolve according to customers’ wants and needs and the demands of the industry you’re in. Providing employee feedback includes sharing business goals and asking for input on achieving your objectives. Employees enjoy being creative when solving problems and bringing your company to new levels.

  • Decrease Costs

Because employees understand which behaviors are helping the company and which are hindering it, they can correct their course as needed to improve their output. This reduces the need to let employees go for being unproductive and lowers the amount of money spent on recruiting and training new employees.

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