• From the first phone call to the interviewing process to finalizing paperwork, WinCorp Solutions has been professional and helpful. The company also has been very quick and responsive to the questions I’ve had. WinCorp Solutions is a great company to work for!                                                              –Samuel R.
      Consultant, IT/Engineering

My experience has been amazing! All of the employees were very welcoming the first time I went into the office. Verna did such an amazing job working with my tight schedule to get my interviews scheduled. She was very helpful and tried her best to accommodate my needs knowing I was working full-time and couldn’t get away for long periods of time. She kept me in the loop during every step of the process. Kendra explained the details of my contract and assignment very well and made it aware that she is available should I need to contact her from here on out.

–Amber A.
Consultant, Operations

  • Wincorp Solutions helped me find the right opportunity at the perfect time. I knew finding working out of state would be a challenging task but Wincorp Solutions made it simple. Wincorp initially contacted me at the end of February. Within a week I had a phone interview with a top tier investment firm in Los Angeles and a week later I was extended an offer. I was impressed on how simple the entire process was. The friendly staff at Wincorp Solutions made the entire on-boarding process seamless, from coordinating logistics with my new employer to making housing recommendations. Wincorp Solutions is a cut above the rest and definitely exceeded my expectations.

Kaushal P.

–Kaushal P.
Consultant, Finance

  • The team at WinCorp. has provided great resources and consultant care that will allow you to succeed. Most importantly they have so much to offer in the consulting space. Thanks WinCorp Solutions for the exciting experience!–Brian W.
    Consultant, Operations, Audit
  • I was contacted by a recruiter via LinkedIn. He thought I’d be a great candidate for a position he was looking to fill with a large investment firm. Unfortunately, that particular opportunity didn’t pan out, but he never gave up on me. He checked in with me on a regular basis to keep track of my employment status and my goals and interests. Soon enough, he reached out with another opportunity at the same firm! The day before my big interview, Erica Wang prepped me with a pre-interview coaching session, which helped me to be ready for any kind of question the interviewer might throw at me. WinCorp Solutions has a long history with this firm, so Erica was able to let me know just what to expect. I aced the interview and the firm extended an offer before I even got home!I was invited to WinCorp’s offices in Irvine to complete my on boarding paperwork, have an overview about the firm and my role there, and, best of all, to meet Arman, Erica, Kendra, Tom, and the rest of the WinCorp family in person. The job search process has become so impersonal in recent years that it’s really important to have that kind of face time and know that there is a team of real human beings working together to find you the right opportunity to further your c career.I never let myself even dream I’d ever have such a great job, but they really came through for me with everything he promised, and Kendra takes excellent care of me. I’m settling in comfortably in my new position and I couldn’t be happier!

Dexter C.

–Dexter C.
Consultant, Marketing, Writer

  • I chose to work with WinCorp Solutions from among several agencies that approached me about various openings, and so far, I’m glad I did. The recruiting, sales and HR staff at WinCorp Solutions are all very professional and highly responsive, and I strongly feel that they have the best interests not just of their clients in mind, but also their consultants. Being new to the contracting world, it’s comforting to have such a top-notch staff representing me.–Steve W.
    Consultant, Instructional Design
  • I was engaged by WinCorp Solutions about six months ago for the first phase of a multi-year project with one of their top ranked clients. A WinCorp recruiter found my profile on LinkedIn and thought I might be a good match for a new assignment. She contacted me, conducted a quick and efficient screening call, and connected me within a couple of days with the client who had identified the consulting need. The recruiter was well prepared, had a succinct and appropriate list of screening points for our discussion, and completed the screening discussion efficiently and effectively. She provided the client with a concise summary of my qualifications, allowing us to have a brief telephone discussion in advance of the in-person interview with the client hiring manager. With this prep, the interview and offer process went smoothly and quickly.Once the client selected me for the assignment, I was invited to meet with several people in the WinCorp offices to on-board and prepare myself for my consulting assignment. In the span of forty-five minutes I was able to meet with the HR representative to complete the required paperwork as well as one of the Principals for an overview of WinCorp’s relationship with this client and the context of my assignment. Each person with whom I met was well prepared, welcoming, and genuinely interested in providing me with the information I needed to be successful This was one of the most efficient on-boarding processes I have ever observed, whether as a person being on-boarded or as an organizational effectiveness consultant, which is my specialty.In my ensuing time on this assignment, WinCorp personnel have kept me informed concerning the evolution of the client’s situation and WinCorp’s activities here. When I have had operational or procedural questions they have been answered and/or resolved quickly and efficiently. My WinCorp contacts all have been responsive and supportive and this has allowed me to focus on my assignment, rather than dealing with administrative details. This is a highly satisfying working relationship.

Doug S.

–Doug S.
Consultant, Change Management

  • I was approached by Wincorp Solutions regarding a contract position with a global investment bank in DTLA. From my very first conversation with Erica Wang, to the interview meeting with Tom Nguyen, and working on paperwork with Kendra Pragnell upon receiving my offer, all the staff at Wincorp Solutions were nothing but helpful and kind. I was glad that Wincorp Solutions had everything in order to make this a smooth process for me. Wincorp Solutions might be smaller than other recruiting agencies out there, but they know what they are doing and they do it well!                                                                                                                           –Jessica C.
    Consultant, Marketing

WinCorp Solutions is a great company to work for. They make me feel like a valued part of the team and have great benefits. I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are looking for work as a consultant. They partner with amazing companies and support their talent every step of the way. I really have loved my time with WinCorp Solutions.
–Holly J.
Consultant, Project Coordinator

  • I have worked as Consultant for WinCorp for almost 4 years on 3 projects and it was a great experience every time. The benefits are clearly above industry and the company values consultant contributions. The client projects are great and WinCorp Solutions stays engaged and in touch with us; that is impressive. I’ve provided on-site production support for a large financial services company and I’ve enjoyed working with everyone there. Leadership, Tom, Kendra and the knowledgeable recruiters were quick to address any questions and concerns. I am well taken care of. I am glad to have made my contribution to this wonderful team. It was also a plus to become a full time employee with the client company.

Mark W.

–Mark W.
Consultant, Operations

  • I was contacted by WinCorp Solutions by one of their recruiters, who found my resume on an online job website. He, along with his team, worked extremely efficiently and organized to have my resume presented to a reputable firm for a consulting position. I was hired within a week of first contact with Arman. Erica and Arman and the owner, Tom – who personally spoke with me. They were continuously in touch with me proactively and responsive to any questions or concerns I have within less than 24 hours of me contacting them even after I started my project. Kendra, the HR contact, would respond to my questions no mater what time of day it was, from 6am to 9pm on a weekday or weekend. I can’t say enough good things about this firm and their team. Knowing I have them behind me, allows me to focus on my project and not be concerned with any other matters when it comes to my career.  Thank you to the whole WinCorp Solutions Team!    –Nahal S.
    Consultant, Finance
  • After having moved to LA, I realized there were many options to turn to for a recruiting agency. My experience with Wincorp Solutions exceeded all my expectations. From the interviewing process, to securing a job, to providing all the excellent customer service in-between, I would recommend Wincorp Solutions to any employer / employee . You receive the utmost professionalism and confidence to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Thank you.

Elizabeth M.

–Elizabeth M.
Consultant, Finance

  • My experience with WinCorp Solutions has been nothing short of spectacular. After contacting me about various possible positions, their recruiter provided me with multiple interview scheduling options and made all the arrangements. WinCorp’s knowledge of the industry and client was excellent, the recruiter focused their attention on my resume just perfectly for this client and position. A brief coaching call followed to prepare me for the interview, complete with specific knowledge and details on every level, where I was told where to go and who to meet; everything was taken care of by my recruiter. Thanks to WinCorp Solutions’ expertise and assistance, I nailed the interview and am now happily on my client engagement. WinCorp’s services have been invaluable to me; I strongly recommend WinCorp Solutions and my recruitment team to anyone.                  Robb L.
    Consultant, Marketing
  • This was my first experience working as a contractor and I couldn’t have been happier with how everything worked out. Everyone I dealt with at WinCorp Solutions from recruitment through employment was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. The recruiters addressed all of my concerns about the contract role and prepared me well for the interviews. Once I was hired, HR was extremely quick and helpful in responding to all of my questions throughout my contract. Overall, working with WinCorp Solutions was a significant step in my career progression, as I was ultimately able to convert from a contractor into a full-time position with the client company, a top firm in my industry.

Eric S.

–Eric S.
Consultant, Finance

  • I responded to a posting on an online job board and within minutes was contacted by a recruiter from WinCorp Solutions. I had never heard of this particular staffing agency before but I’m glad I know about them now. The thought that impressed me most was how well they worked to prepare me for my interview in the creative marketing department at a large financial services company in downtown Los Angeles. Two WinCorp recruiters teamed up to brief me on the assignment and expectations, to confirm all details, to prepare me for my interview and to make sure all my questions were answered. It’s obvious that they are not content to simply let their talent drift in the wind. They took a very active role in making sure that they represented me well to the client and that I, in turn, represented them well.  WinCorp takes great care in pairing up the right talent with the right assignment and in following through to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. After I landed the gig, they invited me into their office for a brief introduction and on boarding session designed to proved orientation on best practices and procedures when contracting. The combination of electronic, telephonic and face-to-face communications was very effective. I appreciated their thoroughness, efficiency, respect for my time as well as the opportunity to sit down and chat face to face. Now I’m on a well-paid, 6 to 18-month assignment with a blue-chip client and I give credit to WinCorp Solutions for their promptness, diligence and professionalism. I’m pleased to recommend without reservation.–Mark O.
    Consultant, Marketing
  • WinCorp Solutions reached out to me because they had a client with an immediate need. They were quick to respond and matched me into a challenging and exciting working environment.The Human Resources department was extremely supportive during the on boarding process by providing all the new hire information and answering my questions along the way.I genuinely recommend WinCorp Solutions to potential clients, and qualified professionals seeking a new opportunity.–Noel F.
    Consultant, Finance
  • Partnering with WinCorp Solutions was exceptional in every way. Their clients are top notch corporations working on interesting, ground-breaking initiatives and technologies. The WinCorp staff are professional, courteous, and very responsive – they are always ready to answer questions and assist however they can. WinCorp equips consultants with systems and tools to hit the ground running, and will spare no expense to ensure the consultant teams are positioned to excel. Overall: an excellent experience, two thumbs up!      Tanya M.
    Consultant, Audit Project Management