Awards & Testimonials

Awards we've earned over the years.

  • 2015 MBE Supplier Success of the Year, California PUC
  • 2014 Business of the Year Finalist, L.A. Business Journal
  • 2013 Family Owned Business Finalist, O.C. Business Journal
  • 2012 National Entrepreneur of the Year, AE Magazine
  • We are tasked with finding candidates who not only possess deep financial knowledge but exceptional project management and presentation skills. WinCorp Solutions is extremely thorough and thoughtful during their intake call, making sure they understand exactly what type of candidate we are looking for. I was very impressed with the level of depth and overall understanding of our business and culture. Throughout the sourcing and assessment phases of the searches, WinCorp recruiters were knowledgeable, communicative, and responsive. WinCorp was able to deliver multiple finalist candidates for one of our most difficult searches. I would not hesitate to utilize or recommend Wincorp Solutions as a go to solution.
    – Kevin G., Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, FORTUNE 500 Global Investment Management Company

  • Originally I used WinCorp Solutions for finance and accounting type positions, but expanded their work into the Human Resources and difficult engineering type positions. I utilized them because they always took the time to understand exactly the position description and worked diligently to find candidates that fit the bill. WinCorp never fell down on the job and I was never divulged with ‘paper’, only qualified individuals that made sure my time was never wasted. The personalized, honest, and dedicated service they provide is top notch.
    – Connie T., Sr. Manager Human Resources, Publicly-held Enterprise Manufacturing Company

  • We needed a supplier that could hit the ground running and provide quality work while understanding our needs. WinCorp Solutions was able to meet such qualifications; their approach to the business world is efficient, detail-oriented, and innovative.
    – Valerie T., Manager of Procurement, Fortune 500 Public Utilities Company

  • One of the things that really impressed me was the time WinCorp Solutions spent up front getting to know our company, its culture, personality and quirks and then disseminating it to find us the perfect fit. The role we sought to fill was challenging and we had tried unsuccessfully to find the right person both ourselves and through other recruiters. I was beginning to think that the right person just did not exist. Sarah has been such an incredible fit that if I had the ability to create someone from scratch, she would be exactly what I would have created! WinCorp’s sense of urgency was outstanding, and all the while adhering to principles of quality of service, thoroughness, and comprehensive screening.
    – Jay Z., CEO, Middle Market Design-Build Construction Company