Why You Need to Focus More on Employee Onboarding

Onboarding plays a large part in how long your new hire decides to stay with your company. Because onboarding provides a first impression of your business, you need to quickly connect with your new employee in a way that engages them and shows how you can help their career progression.

Here are four reasons why you need to focus more on employee onboarding.

  1. Recruitment

Effective onboarding begins during the recruitment process. In the Careers section of your website, you should provide information about your workplace and company culture. When a candidate comes in for an interview, they’ll already know a lot about your organization. You’ll be more likely to attract candidates who blend with company culture, align with business goals and become productive employees. Also, when sending a formal offer letter, you should include an employee handbook and the required legal forms that need signing. Your new hire should have all the paperwork completed before their first day and be acquainted with your company’s employment expectations and policies, which will ease the transition to a new job.

  1. Job Transition

Onboarding helps a new hire ease into their job. For example, send an email to all employees asking them to welcome your new hire. Also, have IT set up the new hire’s computer, software and email account. In addition, present basic information in an easily understood manner, such as where the copy machine and restrooms are, so the new hire can focus more on their job. The more comfortable and familiar the new hire feels in their workplace from the start, the more likely they are to blend with your organization and contribute to operations.

  1. Employee Performance

Onboarding has a significant impact on an employee’s performance. The faster a new hire feels welcome and prepared for their job, the faster they’ll begin contributing to the company. Therefore, HR needs to educate a new hire on their role within the organization, the company’s values and culture, and legal and policy-related issues. HR also needs to quickly connect the new hire with co-workers to begin forming personal and professional relationships. The sooner a new hire learns about the company’s history, values, employees and goals and shares their own personal stories, the more connected and welcomed the new hire feels. They want to focus on learning and growth so they add value to the organization.

  1. Career Growth

Proper onboarding shows a new hire how they can progress within the company. Onboarding should explain what’s expected of the new hire and what they need to do to be promoted. When a new hire sees a structured way to move up within an organization, they have a clear path to success. The new hire will be more open to continuous training, coaching and feedback to be eligible for promotions and help move the company forward.

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