Ways to Assess Candidates for Cultural Fit

Interviewing for cultural fit is an important part of the hiring process. Candidates who blend well with company culture are more productive and help move the organization forward. Here are six ways to assess job candidates for cultural fit.

  • What Are Your Expectations and Interests in Working Here?

Discover whether the candidate wants to join the company for appropriate reasons. For example, determine whether the candidate possesses the skills and experience for working with a company at its developmental stage. Also, uncover whether the candidate effectively handles ambiguity. In addition, find out whether the candidate can quickly make decisions with limited resources.

  • What Motivates You to Come to Work Daily?

Find out whether the candidate has a substantial amount of energy and curiosity. The candidate will want to learn new things and help out however they can. An energetic and curious candidate knows learning is a daily process and wants to stay informed about the company and the industry. The candidate will also play a significant part in identifying and capitalizing on trends to help the company grow.

  • What Are You Passionate About?

Uncover whether the candidate’s passions align with the company’s mission and values. When the candidate has a personal connection to the organization’s purpose, the candidate will be motivated to efficiently and effectively complete their work and find ways to achieve company goals.

  • Which Person Most Inspires You and Why?

Determine who a candidate’s role models are and what makes them stand out. The candidate’s answer will provide insight into the role models they use for their behavioral patterns and how the candidate may respond to a work situation.

  • How Does Your Reliance on Others Help Improve Your Performance?

Discover how much self-awareness the candidate possesses. For example, notice whether they state that they don’t know everything and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Also, see how transparent the candidate is when discussing what they learned from their successes and failures. In addition, determine how much the candidate enjoys individual and collaborative contributions to projects.

  • How Quickly Do You Adapt to Change?

Because the business world is constantly evolving, the candidate needs to quickly adapt to change. Whether change involves a new office, rapidly growing staff or a wider set of work responsibilities, the candidate has to effectively incorporate change into their daily life and evolve at the same pace as the organization.

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