The Importance of Staffing Firms

Staffing firms recruit, train and manage workers who help with companies’ production on an as-needed basis. Whether providing qualified workers for a few days or months or on a potentially permanent basis, utilizing staffing firms’ services can provide advantages for employers. Here are five reasons why staffing firms are important.


Staffing firms’ employees are experts in their field. Because they typically have higher levels of education, skills and work experience, the employees are highly knowledgeable about companies’ job requirements, employment trends and best recruitment practices. Firms’ employees also remain current with news and trends in their industry, especially if they specialize in a specific niche, which provides additional value when sending workers to a company. In addition, because firms’ employees collectively have a larger network than a typical company does, firms can quickly provide qualified workers to fill job vacancies when needed. Furthermore, firms’ employees are well-trained in prescreening job candidates to fill an organization’s needs.


Working with staffing firms provides flexibility.  For example, if a company’s employee is absent due to a planned event such as a vacation or unplanned circumstances such as illness, using an employee from a staffing firm can replace the employee for as long as necessary. Also, if an employer is looking to fill a long-term position, they can offer a temporary-to-permanent position that allows the employer to observe a worker’s qualifications, personality and job performance before deciding whether to hire the worker as a permanent employee.


Mixing temporary workers with employees helps improve productivity. For example, bringing aboard temporary workers during busy times can help reduce employee workloads, decrease work errors, lower absences and prevent burnout. Also, because staffing firms invest the time and money needed to recruit, train and retain temporary workers, hiring managers can focus on other production responsibilities.

Lower Cost

Partnering with staffing firms typically results in lower costs. For example, because temporary workers are the firm’s employees, the firm covers costs related to pre-employment testing, background checks, drug screens and other parts of the employment process. The firm also handles payroll processing and benefits administration, further reducing an employer’s labor costs. In addition, having the firm quickly provide workers when needed results in continued productivity rather than an open position that results in an employer spending time and money to do their own search. Furthermore, because workers are brought aboard only when needed, companies again save on labor costs.

Reduced Risk

Because there are many legal responsibilities involved with owning a company, bringing aboard temporary workers reduces risk. For example, being an employer involves paying payroll and different types of taxes; providing health, unemployment and other types of insurance; and complying with labor and employment laws. Also, employers face financial and operational risks such as hiring and firing employees or filling unexpected job vacancies. Since temporary workers are the staffing firm’s employees, the firm assumes associated risks.

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