Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Financial Analyst

Bringing aboard a financial analyst requires much time and attention. You want a qualified candidate who can perform comprehensive evaluations of businesses, budgets and projects while working well individually and collaboratively. Here are six qualities to look for when hiring a financial analyst.

  • Professional Attitude

Because financial analysts need to cultivate trust in their team members, company and clients, they need to behave professionally and show they can manage any circumstances that arise. Analysts need to dress according to company code, be punctual and show up with the necessary information and materials. Analysts also need to monitor their choice of words, tone of voice, and manner of addressing colleagues, supervisors and clients. Furthermore, analysts need to remain consistent, as reliability in finance is key.

  • Leadership

Financial analysts need to model self-motivation, ambition and passion for their work. Analysts also need to manage projects, promote teamwork and resolve conflicts. They need to increase efficiency and productivity when working individually or with team members or clients. Furthermore, analysts need to be confident in making decisions based on potential consequences and risks.

  • Communication

Because financial analysts share information with diverse audiences who may lack a background in finance, analysts need to explain detailed information that co-workers, upper management, the board of directors and clients understand. Also, analysts need to clearly communicate to build trust and rapport.

  • Technology

Financial analysts use current technology to manipulate substantial amounts of data to make educated decisions. Analysts use tools in spreadsheets and databases to combine disparate data, solve problems and deliver presentations to management. They also need to know which modes of data representation managers prefer, such as graphs or financial tables. Therefore, analysts need to have experience using your company’s tools and platforms or be easily trained.

  • Analytical Skills

Financial analysts have to think logically and evaluate a broad range of information from your company’s financial statements. Analysts need to accurately assess a situation, understand how it works and what it means, and create an intelligent response. Therefore, you want to ask how the candidate’s analytical skills impacted previous projects and deals.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

Financial analysts need to look at a problem from every angle to determine the best solution. For example, if an analyst needs to value investments their company wants to make, they have to conduct an analysis and calculate the risk to determine whether the company should make the investment. Pose a scenario requiring the candidate to assess risk and potential gain for the company. You’ll be able to determine how well the candidate thinks on their feet and makes wise choices under pressure.


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