How to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

When employees feel stressed, they typically miss more days of work, develop health concerns that increase insurance costs, and change employers with little or no notice. As an employer, it’s in your best interest to do all you can to keep your employees’ stress levels down. Here are seven ways to reduce stress in the workplace.

  • Communicate With Your Employees

Talk with your employees about factors that make their jobs stressful. You may be going through a busy season and need temporary staffing to alleviate the workload. A new employee may desire additional feedback on their work performance to ensure they’re producing at the expected level.

  • Clarify Expectations

Clearly define your employees’ roles, responsibilities, goals, and how they relate to the overall success of the company. Clarify your expectations for your employees’ completion of their work. Share company news so your employees gain insight into the future of the organization and their role within it.

  • Use Positive Reinforcement

Give verbal or written praise individually or publicly for completing work on time. In addition, offer employees rewards for achieving company goals.

  • Welcome Employee Input

Ensure your employees’ workload is manageable, they have the resources needed to complete their tasks and the deadlines are reasonable. Encourage your employees to provide their ideas for streamlining operations and moving the company forward.

  • Encourage Physical Activity

Encourage your employees to take frequent breaks. Suggest your employees stretch and take a walk inside or outside the building each day. In addition, offer discounted yoga classes, gym memberships, or other outlets for fitness.

  • Promote A Work-Life Balance

Be sure your employees are using all of their vacation days. If possible, allow your employees to work remotely one day a week. Don’t allow your employees to work at the office after work hours or on weekends or vacation days.

  • Lead by Example

Managers should remain positive at all times. Also, managers should eat healthy foods throughout the day. Managers should leave work at a reasonable hour to spend time with their family and friends or pursue other interests.

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