Five Tips for Cleaning up Your Cluttered Resume

Before applying for your next role, it’s important to update your resume. Because it may have been a while since you applied for your last role, you want the most current, relevant information to show why you’re the best candidate for the position. Follow these five tips for cleaning up your resume.

  • Narrow Your Career Goal

Be specific about your career goal. Your resume will be more focused and appeal to the employers who fit the criteria you’re searching for. If you have multiple target jobs, customize your resume to each. Focus on no more than three industries so you can more easily share relevant content.

  • Condense Your Opening Summary

Include a qualifications summary near the top of your resume. Explain your background and knowledge in concise and descriptive terms. Focus on what you can do for the company you want to work for. Show how your most recent experience and notable accomplishments make you best suited for the role. Include your core specialty and certifications that are relevant to the position and other pertinent details.

  • Update Your Work Experience

Start with your most recent position and work backward. Focus on your most recent accomplishments that relate to the role you want. Highlight your job titles or promotions and projects you managed. Detail what you accomplished and what steps you took. Include how you increased company profits, quality, efficiency, or customer satisfaction. If you have an established career of over 10 years, summarize your experience in an “early career” section. Focus more on your accomplishments than on your responsibilities. If you can’t back up your information with numbers, percentages, or another quantifiable method, delete it.

  • Emphasize Your Skills

Ensure your skills are current to show you stay updated in your field. Emphasize how your skills have benefitted previous employers and how they can benefit your next employer. Include all qualifications you possess that are mentioned in the job description. If you’re lacking in specific areas, determine how you can gain those skills. For example, you may want to take a class or earn a certification to qualify for more roles.

  • Consolidate Your Education

If you have an established career of at least four years, leave out detailed information about your internships, courses, academic honors, and extracurricular activities. Employers are more concerned about how your recent skills and experience can benefit their company.

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