Attracting the Top Accounting Talent to Your Business

Hiring top accounting talent is a necessary part of growing a business. With the high costs involved in recruiting, it’s imperative the right professionals are in place throughout an organization. Here are four ways a company can attract top accounting talent.

  • Network

Networking introduces top accountants to the roles they desire. For example, companies can utilize LinkedIn to search for accountants in the company’s geographic area, find candidates who are already connected to the organization, and ask to be connected with those candidates. Using warm introductions increases the potential for successful results. Also, if managers attended college locally, they can join alumni associations and post in their online message boards and social media groups when positions become available. Managers can contact accountants who left the company on good terms and may want to come back. Those accountants would be more productive when rejoining the company than a new hire without previous experience. Furthermore, managers can host career fairs at local college campuses and open houses at high schools to promote the accounting industry and positions available within the company.

  • Offer Internships

Internship programs provide a direct pipeline to accounting students. Future accountants can adapt to company culture while applying what they learned in school to gain on-the-job experience. Employers can evaluate interns’ performance to determine who should be offered full-time roles within the organization.

  • Provide Opportunities to Advance

When a company has a track record of developing and promoting top employees, more accountants compete to work for the organization. Top professionals want to continually develop their skills so they can move on to greater opportunities. For example, accountants should be able to work with clients from start to finish to experience the entire accounting process. Also, accountants should work in audit, tax, consulting and other areas to see which field they prefer. In addition, accountants should be given increased responsibility, more input in management decisions and the potential to become partners in a firm. Furthermore, continuing education should be provided so that accountants interact with other professionals, stay current in their field and add to their skill sets.

  • Partner With WinCorp Solutions

Partnering with WinCorp Solutions provides access to our vast pool of top accounting professionals. As experts in our field, we place the most qualified candidates to fill all of a company’s accounting needs. Organizations save time and money by engaging us as active participants in their recruiting process.

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