Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We concentrate on our core. Small shops, while committed to customer service, lack the resources to recruit in times of demand spikes and the talent pools to fill new openings on demand. Large enterprises often attempt to staff every labor category imaginable to capture the bulk of their clients’ business. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of focus and dilution of service. As a mid-sized organization, we know our niche and support those key categories with highly qualified workers, unparalleled customer services and the best rates. We can ramp up quickly to fill short-term, urgent position needs or scale down as needed.

How We Work

Our core services are niche, concentrated in the areas of Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Audit, Technology, and Professional positions. We operate on lean principles, working smarter and not harder. When you want the very best products, customized to your needs, you seek out an artisan. At WinCorp Solutions, finding the most skilled consultants for specialized roles is our craft and trade.

Our success is built on trust, honesty, referrals and dedication for delivering what we promise. These are principles we believe in, and we want to work with clients who share these beliefs.

Core Services
  • Tailor Fit for Emerging to Enterprise Clients
  • Operationally Efficient
  • Turn Key
  • Certified: SCMSDC
  • Certified: California Public Utilities Commission

Enterprise Workforce Solutions

Project Based: SOW
Project-based Statement of Work (SOW) engagements have become a top priority for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). About 80 percent of the clients using an MSP are shifting their focus to project-based contracts and services spend. Industry analysts estimate the global SOW market to exceed $1.1 trillion — that’s three times greater than the traditional temporary agency market. Yet, SOW engagements are intricate and sometimes overwhelming undertakings.

The SOW services category can be complex. It requires a sophisticated, high-touch staffing strategy by a firm accustomed to sourcing highly competent consultants with niche skill sets. Traditional staffing firms have trouble finding the talent needed, at the right time and right price. WinCorp Solutions is not one of those typical suppliers.

Our expertise in contract and SOW worker management covers everything from requisitioning to invoicing. WinCorp Solutions supports current and future state assessments, gap analyses, capability evaluations, process design, cost savings modeling, managed services modeling and vendor management technology options by industry, job categories, regions and business cultures.

  • WinCorp Solutions aligns with project leaders and MSPs to integrate into the program as partners, not opponents.
  • We centralize visibility for all project-related activities and rein in maverick spend from procurement purchases made by internal client managers.
  • We collaborate with MSPs and project leaders to draft statements of work that ensure conformity and clarity over the scope, clauses, deliverables, budgets, timelines, performance expectations, rates and negotiation cycle times.
  • We expedite reporting, electronic budget approvals, deliverables, invoicing and SOW amendments.
  • We can utilize existing VMS, ERP or other systems in place to ensure consistency in communications and transparency into milestones, budget adherence, rates, schedules and more.
  • We validate the proper classification of contractors and freelancers. We never place SOW consultants in ongoing, assignment-based support roles that should be filled by agency temps. We further support these efforts by organizing compliant and comprehensive onboarding initiatives for all talent involved in the project — even remote workers, who may have access to systems or intellectual property.

Project Based: SOW
Our dedication to exemplary service is reflected in the quality people we source and recruit. We know our niche and specialize in a strategic, targeted approach that involves proven and non-traditional techniques. Unlike standard staffing firms that concentrate on the saturated market of active job seekers, we tap into richer sources that cover passive candidates, proven alumni and difficult-to-fill positions for assignments. We don’t just place contingent workers in programs – we secure the most qualified talent on the market for specific job categories and match them to our client’s employment cultures.

Our efforts are supported by a critical infrastructure and dedicated internal resources, seamless to each prospective candidate. Six key individuals perform every search to assure the greatest levels of quality control and outcomes for successful placements. They work together as a decision-making committee, allowing us to identify and weed out biases within the group, standardize questions and develop relevant evaluation criteria. These positions ensure a seamless and accurate sourcing process throughout the various stages of the recruiting lifecycle.

  • Lower recruiting costs
  • Dedicated engagement team
  • Competitive pricing models
  • Industry thought leadership and best practices
  • Scalability
  • High quality candidate experience
  • Client brand proliferation
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) achievement
  • Fully compliant process that mitigates exposure to employment related risks

In the past, most MSPs have focused on high-volume hiring needs. However, as clients demand more specialized roles for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) positions, MSPs are realizing that their current supply base lacks the ability to source niche professionals, such as data scientists, financial business intelligence analysts and others. This is the core of WinCorp Solutions service model. Our recruitment and staffing support services integrate seamlessly to the MSP process.

  • We specialize in filling difficult positions with rapid response times.
  • We adhere to program and onboarding compliance standards.
  • We help MSPS contain costs for clients without a degradation in quality or delivery.
  • Our consultative approach provides MSPs with expert insights on the staffing process.

When MSPs need critical positions, WinCorp Solutions is the supplier of choice:

  • Higher quality consultants
  • Stellar fill rates.
  • Rapid submissions.
  • Lower bill rates.
  • The highest level of support and satisfaction, with the lowest rates of turnover or attrition.

Executive Search and Direct Hire
Our experts excel at recruiting for niche areas that most internal or outsourced recruitment teams can’t support or cost justify. Our networks, talent pools and recruiting capabilities are unmatched by internal teams. Internal recruiters may be overly driven to fill quotas and meet deadlines. Unfortunately, satisfying those corporate obligations can detract from their efforts to source exceptional talent. Recruiters at cutting-edge staffing firms like WinCorp Solutions are highly incentivized to produce results, not counts.

WinCorp Solutions has a tremendous advantage over corporate recruiters in terms of connections: we represent countless companies and have developed diverse staffs of internal hiring experts who bring a wealth of past industry and organizational experience to the process. Our professionals have worked with a variety of hiring managers, across industries and job categories. This exposure enhances their knowledge of real-world job needs, position requirements and applications.