Why Us

A Modern Vision for the Modern Workforce

We’re witnessing a transformational shift in the nature of the workforce. Traditional employment practices have been upended by more nuanced labor categories, skills and a multicultural, multigenerational workforce that’s reached historic levels of diversity. Our clients come to us with current challenges. Our goal is to deliver spectacular results (See Client Testimonials). Since 2009, WinCorp Solutions finds solutions for our clients’ challenges while providing meaningful and challenging roles for our teammates to sink their teeth in (See Teammate Testimonials). Clients depend on an array of People Solutions at WinCorp Solutions because we’re vertically integrated and have the infrastructure to scale for start up clients to complex multinational FORTUNE 500 enterprise needs.

Skills, Aptitude, and Altitude

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We concentrate on our core. Small shops, while committed to customer service, lack the resources to recruit in times of demand spikes and the talent pools to fill new openings on demand. Large enterprises often attempt to staff every labor category imaginable to capture the bulk of their clients’ business. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of focus and dilution of service. As a mid-sized organization, we know our niche and support those key categories with highly qualified workers, unparalleled customer services and the best rates. We can ramp up quickly to fill short-term, urgent position needs or scale down as needed.

Work Life Balance…Restored

The subject matter expertise of every WinCorp Solutions consultant is deep and spans multiple business areas. We’re absolutely confident that our people can hit the ground running. This significantly reduces the onboard acclimation time for our clients. We keep the end goal in mind — that you need to run your business efficiently and cost effectively. WinCorp Solutions provides exceptional people to help you achieve that. In an era where managers struggle to overcome “time poverty,” we help restore work life balance by handling your staffing needs so you can focus on your goals – in and out of the office.

One Size Does Not Fit All

First, our unique vertically integrated infrastructure offers a one stop service platform that enables us to handle nationwide requests of various HR services, consulting needs, co-sourcing, specialized SOW, staffing, contingent labor, temporary staff, temporary to direct hire, direct hire services, specialized executive search requests, and payrolling identified/existing talent.

Second, because we quickly solve talent needs due to our deep subject matter and industry expertise and we stay clear from  the big box company approach.  WinCorp Solutions solves complex talent equations by understanding the nuances of every client and every talent.

Third, our teammates love us.  We have many testimonials of why they enjoy it at WinCorp Solutions, ranging from great projects, above industry compensation, understanding of their needs, skills, training, quick same day responses, train expense reimbursements, to great benefits, including health, dental, vision, 401K, vacation, sick pay, etc…

However, we know talent and quality matters most for our clients; but it is our investment in people, sound infrastructure, systems and tools, which allows us to have the edge on the war for talent for our clients.

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